About us

ArchiBuilt is an annual exhibition-forum organized to continually bring to the fore trends, technologies, systems, and policy issues that impact the building industry’s intervention and responses to everyday living. This intervention, intended to generate the framework for sustainable solutions, is although championed by architects, broad in its appeal and involvement. Originally midwifed and driven by the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA), ArchiBuilt was registered as corporate venture under ArchiBuilt Development Services Limited (ADSL) and has been trading as such since 2012.
Close to a hundred exhibitors promoting products, systems, machinery, equipment, technology, and new concepts associated with development of the built environment are involved in the expo. This same diversity is reflected in the visitors and participants which will include students, industry and non-industry professionals, with an attendance head-count which sometimes peaks at just under 2,500 persons.
Also in attendance will be relevant statutory and regulatory bodies, which facilitates a significant level of exchange between professionals, practitioners, students, manufacturers, and the government and regulatory entities on a wide range of issues as pertain the industry.The ArchiBuilt 2017 event will also create bespoke forums for the interactive discussion on topical issues such as housing, infrastructure, and sustainable development. Becoming somewhat of a centerpiece to the entire event these sessions have discussants and moderators from both public and private sectors, with a high level of professional and student participation.


In 1989, with Arc. Frank Mbanefo as President and Arc. Justus Okah-Avae as Honorary General Secretary / Chief Executive Officer, the Nigerian Institute of Architects introduced Archibuilt to promote building materials and construction technology in Nigeria. The format was to hold annual exhibitions, conferences and seminars with the ultimate aim of producing a Compendium of building materials available to the building and construction industry in Nigeria.
Through the efforts of Arc. Justus Okah-Avae who was the Chairman and Arc. Jimoh Faworaja who was the Secretary of the Archibuilt Inaugural Committee, the first Exhibition was held in August, 1989. Over the following 23 years, Archibuilt has grown in scope and complexion; the venue has also shifted from Lagos where it started. In 2012, the Nigerian Institute of Architects decided to create a definite identity for Archibuilt in order to further enhance its original ideals.
Consequently, Archibuilt Development Services Limited was set up and registered to acquire all the interests of Archibuilt of N.I.A..